The rural world participates in the Smart City Congress of Barcelona to connect both realities

The 3rd Rural Smart Grids will take place in Barcelona November 19th, under the Smart City Expo & World Congress

 The Rural Smart Grid Congress celebrates its third edition November 19th, under the Smart City Expo & World Congress, at Fira de Barcelona, located in the Catalan capital. Under the title Smart City & Rural: one concept, two realities, this is the first time both events work together to analyze the relationship and interaction between urban and rural realities. One of the objectives is to discuss how to achieve a resilient country in energy matters, for which reason is essential to link the rural setting, where you generate the power, with the urban areas, the main consumer in a sustainable way. Therefore, in addition, it is necessary to enhance synergies to find solutions to common problems, such as sustainable mobility and locally secure energy supplies, while giving particular technological solutions each area realities.

The role of smart grids is decisive to the economic development of rural areas from the economy of proximity, but also in the progress of the welfare of its inhabitants, in the development of smart cities and, for the achievement for the Catalan sustainable energy system. “The change in the energy model to distributed generation from renewable sources is part of an economy of proximity and creation of jobs at the local level without risk of offshoring,” says Veronica Kuchinow president of the organization committee of the Rural Smart Grids. The first Rural Smart Grids conclude: “both, the local energy generation and he implementation of telecommunications networks is decisive to the development of rural areas,” says Pep Salas, coordinator of the Technical Committee of the Rural Smart Grids.

The program of the congress

The inaugural speech of the 3rd Rural Smart Grids, by James Goodman, director of the Forum for the Future of the United Kingdom, will present the specificities of the development of smart management of rural areas to urban and, the synergies that they could be generated. The congress is divided into two parts: first Roberto Bermejo, Professor of Sustainable Economy for the University of the Basque Country (EHU) will talk about the different models for energy transition and rural-urban development, and the role of smart grids will be presented to the rural world. In this section Pascal Hardy, a member of the Conseil de France Ecologie Industrielle, will analyze the different business models in renewable and smart grids and their viability, with the backdrop of Circular Economy. This is an economic concept, included in the context of sustainable development, which aims to minimize consumption and waste production but also looks to the transformation of the waste in resources with an appropriate management. The implementation of micro grids power distribution in rural areas, by Ramon Gallart of Estabanell Energy, and the potential of smart grids in the Baix Llobregat Agricultural Park, by Raimon Roda director, will be the other two issues that will be presented in the first block.

During the second part, different aspects of the implementation of new technologies of information and infrastructure that enable the deployment of smart grids in rural areas will be presented. The speech of the Pep Salas, member of Waste and Energy Committee of the College of Agricultural Engineers of Catalonia and coordinator of the Technical Committee of the Rural Smart Grids Congress, analyze transmission systems and smart grids from the perspective of local development and business model. The extension of telecommunications will also be presented by Daniel Barallat Gimeno, Spain M2M Program Sales Manager at Vodafone Global Enterprise. The topic smart grids in the rural areas, will be explained by the product manager of Abertis Telecom, Rosalba Llorens. In addition, the case of deploying and managing fiber optics at the village of Centelles will be presented by its mayor, Miguel Arisa Coma. Finally, Mauricio Rios, Chief in IBIL Catalunya, explain how you can manage the charging of electric vehicle in rural areas.

On the same day Carles Riba Romeva, president of the Collective for Energy and Sustainable Social Model (CMES) (, will be responsible for presenting the conclusions of Congress.


Smart rural & city: concept, two realities

Conclusions GSR 2013

Conclusions GSR 2012

3rd Rural Smart Grids Congress

 The Rural Smart Grid Congress proposes a model of distributed and decentralized generation of energy from smart grids and renewable and local resources that will allow our country to move towards energy resilience. This model will foster the dynamism of the economy and employment in rural areas, 70% in Catalonia, and be an engine of local development. The Rural Smart Grids is celebrating its 3rd edition wich it is dedicated to the interrelation and synergies with the concept and Smart City project. The organization of the congress has been in charge of the Catalan Institute of Energy (ICAEN), the College of Agricultural Engineers of Catalonia (COEAC), Localret, Foundation and the Rural World Foundation (RWF). The partners colaborating with Rural Smart Grids are the Smart City Expo & World Congress, Abertis, The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, the Catalan Energy Congress and Ecoviure Exhition.

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